The Need2Marry project is established to facilitate making e-conferences for dating only for the purpose of marriage according to the Laws of Islam. Making a platform that does this role prefectly with a firm system to moderate everything published is considered a huge challenge. However, International Trade Line took a step forward to make an example for everyone on how dating should be done on a sound Islamic manner.

This huge project aims to generate traffic on the basis of people searching for wives or husbands then turning these visits to memberships either active or inactive so they can be categorized to be relatively acceptable for each other. The final active memberships are organized into e-conferences for dating according to Islamic law.

It wasn’t a secret that people all over the Islamic world are searching heavily for this type of websites but unfortunately, many of these websites started acting in irresponsible manner with no or little rules. The real desire within people to have an alternative platform which really runs strictly according to Islamic law has been our motive to start Need2Marry.